Sex Eduaction

During this time, if we talk about sex, then what occurred in the minds of most people is sex. In fact, sex it means gender differentiates men and women are biologically.

People would not consider talking about sex, thinks sex education will encourage teens to have sex. Most people still holds the stereotype with sex education (sex education) as as a vulgar thing.

Definition of Sex Education (Sex Education)

Sex education (sex education) is an information on issues of human sexuality are clear and correct. That information includes the process of conception, gestation until birth, sexual behavior, sexual intercourse, and aspects of health, psychological and social.

But others argue that sex education (sex education) is a knowledge that we teach about anything related to sex. This includes the start of growth of the sex (male or female). How the function of sex as a means of reproduction. How is the development of the genitals in women and in men. About menstruation, wet dreams, and so on, until the onset of estrus because of changes in hormones. Eventually including marital problems, pregnancy and so on.

Sex education or education about reproductive health or a more trend-his "sex education" should be given to children who have grown up or adolescent, either through formal or informal education. It is important to prevent bias sex education and knowledge of reproductive health among adolescents.
Importance of Sex Education (Sex Education) For Teens

There are some things on the Importance of Sex Education for Teens, among which:

• To find sexual information to teens
• Have an awareness of the importance of understanding the problems of sexuality
• Have an awareness of sexual functions
• Understand the problems of adolescent sexuality
• Understand the factors that cause the problems of sexuality

In addition there are two factors why sex education (sex education) is very important for teenagers. The first factor is where children grow into teenagers, they do not understand with sex education, because parents still think that talking about sex adahal taboo. So from the lack fahaman adolescents feel irresponsible with sex or reproductive anatomy health.

The second factor, of misunderstanding teens about sexual health and reproductive anatomy them, in the social environment, it is offered only limited commodity, such as media serving the things that are pornographic, among others, VCD, magazines, the Internet, even impressions Television is now even leads to things like that. The impact of misunderstanding teens about sex education, many negative things happen, such as high sex outside of marriage, unwanted pregnancy, HIV transmission and so on.

There are some opinions that say, "sex education" deserve to be included in the curriculum in secondary schools, especially students on this is puberty. Sex Education "Sex education" is very essential to anticipate, knowing or prevent the sexual activities are free and able to avoid other negative impacts.

Perhaps we realize the importance of sex education because many cases appear promiscuity among teenagers today. If we talk about promiscuity, it is actually already emerged from the first, only now it looks worse. Teen promiscuity can also be triggered by the increasingly sophisticated technological advances, also at the same time of global economic factors. But just blaming it all is also not the right thing. The important thing is how we are able to provide sex education (sex education) to the younger generation.

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