I'm YoursOf course you already know a lot if the sex behavior of each person is different, this time it will explain sex behavior based on the difference age.

1. Aged 20 years and over

Most men age 20 years and above can not stop fantasizing about sex once every 2 hours, and in women it is usually even rebellious in their sexual imagination. they share a same-sex sex or try bisexual. a 2000 study found the nearly 76% of women who sleep premises the same sex to reach orgasm, while for women who sleep with men this figure reaches 50%. 20s is a time when boys and girls wanting experimental in their sexual position.

2. Aged 30 years and over

At this age is the time to try and nearly all adults claim to have sex outside. In contrast to adolescents who consider when making out is the most common form of sexual experimentation. Most in this age prefer sex in semi-public places such as beaches or parks in a dark situation. 
There were also among those who likes to have sex in the shower or in the hotel room. things to mark their 30s are the child's arrival in the life of a married couple, so naturally decreases sexual arousal secar. but there is also a theory that allows that during pregnancy can have sex 4-5 times a month. at this age most will put the brakes on sexual activity.

3. Aged 40 years and over

Male 40s are more susceptible to erectile problems and also are time whereby a man tends to be unfaithful. besides men in this age more compelled to watch porn and sex chat. different from the woman on the other hand would require getting sexual matters and instead tend to like younger men. if it thinks that age 40s about low libido, you are wrong. may at this age sex is not so major that is rarely done. 
This is because the urge has shifted from quantity to emphasis the fulfillment of better quality. but at this age you even more confident to  sexual needs that are no longer about quantity but quality.

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