For the married couple , sex is one very important thing, because sex as seasoning in married couple's life. Here is 5 Sex Tips for you Married Couples.

Imagine if your home life for decades, but you live with monotonous sexual activity?

Married Couple
Of course it would be very unpleasant. In fact we can not deny that the saturation of the sexual activity of couples is often the beginning of infidelity.

So, in order that your household more harmonious and sexual activity you excited, here are some tips taktivitas impressed sex wild and naughty:

1. Role Play
So that sex is not solely the duty of a husband and wife, do skits or berimajinasilah that sexual activity you become more hot and fun.

You can pretend and imagine, for example: your wife wearing office clothes are sexy, and her husband wearing a suit seems to be the boss wife. Then make fantasy as if you fall in love at first sight in the office, then you do the kiss-kiss to french kiss, then? Up to you...

2. Lying Surrender premises and Passionate

The wife lie with sensual writhing body, teasing her husband. But do not give the whole pleasure, make your husband get curious and fight your body. Do not forget, wear sexy clothes but do not be so open that your husband was curious.

3. Perform Sex in Unexpected Places

If you are a newly married couple and had a new house. Use this opportunity to make love in unexpected places, such as in the kitchen, at the family table. However, make sure the safety and privacy of the home state you awake

4. Perform Various Actions Wild Unexpected
If in your daily life is a quiet figure, in the case of sex you have to let go of the habit. Go wild in bed and doing various activities or actions are unpredictable, so sex life in your household is getting hot.

5. Erotic Dancing for husband
The wife can express the wild side on the bed to perform erotic dances, such as the middle east dance. While dancing, touch your husband, teasing him, your husband make you curious to get your body.

Hopefully the above tips useful for your sex. Sex tips that we provide is specifically intended for the husband and wife, so that domestic life more harmonious and passionate.
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